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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Yard Sailing = Braggin' Buys!!!

Hi There!

Okay, from the beginning of spring (almost)
and up until now, Gilbert and I have been
going "Yard Sailing", every Saturday morning...

And, we've found some pretty good deals.

Gilbert mostly looks for hi-tech gadgets
(AKA computer junk, in MY opinion)
and I, mostly look for quilting
and the odd crafty stuff
(AKA stuff Rosa will NEVER do,
in GILBERT's opinion).

Anyhow, we both have our little hobbies, right?

Last Saturday,
I picked up this adorable rectangular basket,
with cute porcelain or china (?) handles!

Brought it home and decided, for now,
to put my loose patterns
and a couple books, too, in it.

And, we DO love silly and new-to-us
thingies and gadgets, too.

Especially night lights!

Gilbert had a night light that looks
like a Coleman lantern.

Well, when I spotted this one,
I gave him a nudge
and he quickly purchased it.

Total cost (each)? 1 buck!

Can't beat the prices, eh?!??




Dena said...

Great finds! My husband and I keep a 'yard/garage sale slush fund' so as we run errands and we spot one, we can stop and always have some cash on hand. My husband has found a lot of great tools at remarkable prices at these sales. I, however, have not been so lucky. lol

Wenche said...

I LOVE your night light! Acctually.......I've never seen anything like it :)