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Saturday, September 26, 2009

OH NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi there!

My friend Elaine, recently got this....

Pretty, isn't it?

Almost makes you want to
pull out your lime and green fabrics
and appliqué it, right?


It's the H1N1 Virus -
AKA the dreaded....
SWINE FLU !!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh ELAINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And to make matters even "worser",
she also has some other kind of problem...
a "diverted" something or other.

Go read her blog
and leave her a comment -
it's BOUND to make her feel better....
I hope so, anyhow. *grin*

She's coming down, here, on a cruise ship.....

on the 28th of October -
'bout ONE month from now!!!!

She's just GOTTA be better, by then
and not give her hubby this virus!
*keeping her fingers crossed*

People.... Take care...

this one's a nasty one!


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