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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Oh NOOOO - Not ANOTHER one!!!!

Hi There!

Now, my Geocaching friend,
K-J MacLean,
recently got THIS!

Cute, eh?

Once again, you almost wanna
dig through your stash
and recreate this picture
in a prize winning quilt, eh?

(that's the sound of the buzzer - you know?
the one they always make,
when contestants loose, at game shows?!??)

My friend and Geocaching buddette,
K-J MacLean has got a cold and/or flu.

She hasn't been tested for the
"oink oink" disease but who knows, eh?

Hopefully, she TOO will get better, soon.

Once again, go leave her a comment -
s'bound to cheer her up...

At least, I "hope" so... *s*


1 comment:

KJ McLean said...

I'm feelin' the love ... Thanks, Rosa! :)