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Sunday, September 6, 2009

McEnroe v.s. One of Williams' girls

Hi there!

Gilbert told me that we actually only paid
$2.25, for our tennis equipment....

The tennis rackets were 1 buck apiece and
a package of THREE "NEW" Wilson tennis balls...
for 25 cents.

Well, we were supposed to play EARLY this morning,
but McEnroe (AKA Gilbert) decided that
he HAD to play with shorts on,
and it was too COLD out, this morning!

Sooooo.... "THE" game was
postponed till the afternoon.

Anyhow, we left the house around 1h00 p.m.
Arrived back, at 1h20 p.m.

A total of 15 minutes on the court.

I told Gilbert to take a picture of me "serving" -
I'm good at that!

I survived, ankles and all....
Thanks for the prayers!


1 comment:

Greg said...

Nice serve! Congrats on your game!