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Friday, September 11, 2009

BOM (Block Of the Month) - Number 11(s)

Hi There!

Well, as some of you might remember,
I decided to sign up for a BOM
(Block Of the Month), at our
local quilt store.

Here's Block # 11 and, to be honest,
I truly can't wait for this one
to be finished!

And, as I've mentioned before,
it's not quite my "cup of tea",
but if I add this and that to it,
it just might please my senses.


Now, remember, this is a BOM....
a "sampler" quilt, right?

The colors are too boring - too blah-blah
for me, anyhow... *s*

While surfing the web, this summer,
I came across THIS QUILT!!!

Now, THIS QUILT has 14 pieced blocks and
some that are appliqué'd, too!

Soooooo, I purchased some of the
BOM fabrics and decided to
do the 2 extra pieced blocks, right?

Now, my friend Frummie
had sent me a bunch of block
kits and their patterns.

I grabbed one of the patterns that pleased me,
used the BOM fabric and made a spare block,
so that I could make

Align Center

I showed this to Gilbert, without saying a word,
and he asked,
"Is that the Block Of the Month?"

I replied, "No, it's one that I made."

So, he replies,
"Oh, it's a Block Of the Rosa."

"Nope," I replied,
"The pattern comes from Frummie."

"Oh then," he says,
"Its a Block Of the Frummie."


Okay, okay... but it DID sound funny!

Have a great weekend!!!



Frummief said...

WOW! That could be our next thingy...BOF!
heh, heh

Greg said...

Those are both nice blocks...I can't wait to see the finished top.

Kim D. said...

Nice blocks Rosa.. I love the sparkling Jane quilt. I found you through Greg's blog.

searchfamilies said...

Nice blocks, i agree with you on colour but that because they are not colours i would choose but very nicely done
Love the quilt not sure i could or want to attempt it good for you on giving it a go i look forward to seeing it done
Hugs Janice

Elly D said...

ROFL!! I like it! BOF!! Love the blocks Rosa and That Quilt and also love the new blog look!! Very nice!! Indeedy!!!!

Viabl - almost but not quilt doable... lolol


Miriam said...

I love Frummie's block!!!