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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ruched Gifty!

Hi there!

This past week, I received the most INCREDIBLE gifty,
from a good friend.... you know who you are! *VBG*

She spoiled me ROTTEN -
but I certainly won't complain!
*still grinning*

Okay, you might all know that I belong
to a BOM (Block Of the Month),
called "Basket Cases", right?

November's BOM will be a block
with "Ruched Flowers".

Since I've never done this before,
I was eager to learn something new!

She had "Quilter's Fancy"
send me a bunch of "stuff",
to help me Ruche!

Here's a cardboard with several
"wired" ribbons...
not necessary to ruche with, but fun, nevertheless!

A "Pouncer" was included....
Once again, not necessary,
but fun to try out!

And, some LONG millner's needles, too!

Included in my package was some crinoline.

Now, my friend mentioned that it was easier
but not necessary to sew your ruched flower
onto crinoline and I just couldn't understand.

I remembered crinoline being the stuff
that's under fancy dresses and a bit "floppy"
or "soft", in texture.

THIS crinoline is starched!

Almost feels like a gridded "canvas".

(At any time, you can click on my pictures
and see a bigger picture.)

This is a close-up picture of it's "grid".

And my friend had requested that
the 2 "Ruching Edge" rulers
be included in my parcel!!!!

No, it's not necessary to have these,
but it sure is fun, though!


Cindy, at "Quilter's Fancy",
also included notes/instructions
on how to create 3-D leaves!!!
(click on picture to be able to read)

Well, it didn't take me long to
try out these new gadgets!

Here's my first ruched strip!

And although the colors aren't quite
the same, TRUST ME....

This is the flower that I created
from my ruched strip.

Now, it might not be perfect,
but I'll still be using it for
November's BOM....

And, in fact, as I write up this blog,
Sunday morning, I'm quite pleased to tell you
that I've since made up 3 ruched flowers,
attached them to some crinoline and
need to try out some 3-D leaves.

My basket and basket handle are
now appliqued on my background.

Can't wait to show my Basket Case group,
this gorgeous (IMHO) BOM!!!!

Later people!



Greg said...

Thats really cool. Its nice having friends send you things. It's like christmas all year 'round!!!

Elly D said...

They look really good Rosa, must try mine out soon :)
BTW posting here may have let the cat out the bag for November ROFL....

Hagoneu - Geordie speak(north east English) for Now hang on! LOL

Miriam said...

Wow!! Gorgeous!

Your friend certainly is generous.

Isn't it great to learn something new.

...What is a Pouncer?....

Have fun making more flowers and leaves.