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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Minus 6 hours from now - unfortunately....

Hi there!

Well, I just had an INCREDIBLE DAY!!!

Got to the cruise ship terminal at 7h30 a.m. -
The cruise ship passengers were
permitted to come down at 8h00

Elaine and I hugged and hugged and hugged!!!

It was like being reunited with a long-lost sister!!!!

Elaine gave me a bag of goodies -
See the one with the silly, happy grin?!???
That's me and I'm wearing a blue coat,
with a pinkish bag of goodies?!??!

Unfortunately for her but fortunately for me,
when she had tried to go to the quilt shop,
in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, on Sunday...
it was closed.

I had gone to Charlottetown,
the previous weekend on a business trip
and picked up a "book", to give to Elaine.

I was a bit concerned as I KNEW
she would be visiting this quilt shop
and I was worried that she
might pick up this same book.

Anyhow, here's a few pictures
of this neat book. *grin*

This is made with just plain cardboard,
and the "book" is covered with a fat quarter of fabric.

There's 5 more fat quarters, within the "book".

This is the Anne of Green Gables fabric line!

Anyhow, we toured my fair city
and had a late dinner (noon lunch),
at my home, with lobster and potato salad.

We parted company around 4h00 p.m.

I'm already missing them....


I'll be taking pictures of Elaine's
wonderful gifties, in another blog.

Right now, I'm exhausted...

Hitting the sack, real soon.

Thanks for the visit, you two!!!!

*waving from Canada*



KJ McLean said...

I kept thinking of you yesterday and was wondering how much fun you guys were having!

Pat from FL and MI said...


Love that 'book'. What a super ideas.

I had no idea there was an Anne of Green Gables fabric line out there. They were my daughter's favorite books and videos when she was young!

Might need some of that fabric.

Miriam said...

Ohh wonderful....2 quilting buddies meeting! A perfect day!

Frummie said...

Rosa, I am so jealous of you and Elana meeting. I should have come along with Elly.
Love you

Brigitte said...

hi Rosa,
what a wonderful you day you had, I would have loved to be part of this meeting! The fabric book is so lovely, and the fabric line - hmmmmmmmmmmmmm never seen before. Now I'm curious, what was in the bag ????????????????????????????? hugs Brigitte

ranette said...

What a great day you all had. Isn't it fun meeting up with our quilting buddies? It's amazing to me that we're all really nice people!!!

Elly D said...

Yup that would've been a great idea Frummie, me and you and cyn altogether with rosa and elaine :))

Sounds like you had a whale of a time together... I felt all excited for you as I read.... love the 'book' too .:)

milikere - someone with a thousand ears...??