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Saturday, October 31, 2009

And they came from the "west", bearing gifts...

Hi There!

Well, as promised, I uploaded the picture of the bottle of wine and the bottle of beer that I gave to my 2 visitors - Elaine and her hubby. *grin*

You were probably thinking that their names would be on the bottle, but OH NO.... *grin*

Another good friend had sent me a package of Halloween wine bottle labels... some of you might remember reading that on my blog, a while back. Anyhow, Gilbert bottled a batch of wine and put these labels on a few of our "give-a-way-to-friends-and-family" bottles.

As for the beer, "Moosehead" is our local brewery and I knew that Elaine's better half loved to taste different beers. The one that I had selected was a "pale ale".

As for the "Anne of Green Gables" fabric, I had picked it up at Quilting B. and Moore, a quilt store in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

When I spoke with the very nice lady in the store, she said that they had been approached by a company in the USA who wanted to sell or carry the Anne of Green Gables fabric and she had refused.

Anne of Green Gables is Prince Edward Island's mascot or what I like to call, their "money maker". The island relies a lot on tourism and EVERYONE.... IMHO.... ADORES Anne!!!

Soooooo, it's just a heads up. If you're looking for this line of fabric, I doubt that you'd be able to find "Anne of Green Gables" anywhere else, than from a quilt store in Prince Edward Island. *s*

Now, I had mentioned in my previous blog that my California cruise ship traveler arrived with an unexpected and lovely tote bag full of goodies for me!

Elaine is in the same yahoo "Basket Case" group, as I. So she had picked up a LOVELY pattern, with baskets!!!! And when Elaine told the lady that she was going on a cruise and meeting up with me, the lady GENEROUSLY gave Elaine a pattern, for me!!!

Elaine - I absolutely ADORE these 2 patterns and I PROMISE I will make something with them, ASAP!!! *VBG*

In the tote bag, was a package of "Wine Mulling Spices".... Never tasted this before, but I'm looking forward to it. I figure I'll probably try it around Christmas time. What cha all think? That would be a good time, eh?

She also included a tourist brochure from her area. Apparently, there's a LOT of vineyards there! And also these adorable pewter fridge magnets, too! They're already on our fridge, Elaine!!!!


Elaine had also included 2 fat quarters of "basket" fabric!!!!

Dark brown and light brown!!!! Elaine called me up, yesterday evening and I forgot to tell her that I had already cut into the light brown/caramel basket fabric, for November's BOM (Block Of the Month)!!!

Now, this I TRULY LOVED - not that I didn't love the other gifties but I was amazed at this tote kit!!! Why, even the QUILTING LINES were in included in the fabric!!! Imagine that, eh?!?!


Well, that's about it.

My two friends were supposed to arrive back to
THEIR home, late yesterday evening.

I imagine they'll be EXHAUSTED all day,
today - what with the time change and all.

Thanks, from the bottom of my heart,



Frummie said...

Wowser! I love the basket pattern, Elaine. Rosa, Make that one first. I would love to see it. I am so glad the 4 of you had such a good time!

Faithful Quilter:Elaine's Journey said...

We had THE best time! Thanks so much Rosa for a day filled with lots of memories that I will remember for a lifetime!

You "are" my sister!



Susan In Texas said...

The tote kit was interesting. I've never seen one that was so all-inclusive. How handy. I look forward to seeing it all put together. I also loved the basket fabric! I have never seen any that looked so real. If you hadn't written that it was fabric I would have been certain that it was real basket weavings. Wow!

Happy quilting,

Jeanne said...

How fun! I have that basket pattern, too. (and a couple Anne of Green Gables prints) VBG