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Monday, November 2, 2009

Holy Flowers

Hi There!

Okay, here's a picture of my
in-progress Basket BOM
(Block Of the Month),
for November.

Okay.... promise not to LOL, pls?!?

I've never done yo-yo's before
and I couldn't figure out WHY
there were BIG "holes"
in the center of my flowers....

Till one of my friends,
from our "Basket Case" group
uploaded HER (perfect)
yo-yo's and said that you
have to make BIGGER stitches,
for TINIER holes.

Gee - that sounds weird,
when I write it that way.


Anyhow, right now, those flowers
are STITCHED onto my background
and I'm NOT removing them,
just to re-do them...

Any suggestions as to
HOW I can hide those "holes"?



Pat from FL and MI said...

Dear Rosa,

They look just fine to me. But if you want to hide the holes, sew little buttons over them. Way cute!

Faithful Quilter:Elaine's Journey said...


The basket looks great...LOVE the fabrics that you used! LOL! Yes, I recognize them!!

I would use buttons or a smaller yo-yo...the center of the flower right?!

Hey, that basket fabric worked out great too!



Jacqui's Quilts said...

Yup, buttons are the way to go!! I like yo yo's with buttons :-). check out this quilt that I did for my has buttons on the yo yo's too :-).

Elly D said...

Good morning Rosa :) I wonder if you could cut a circle of contrast fabric, say yellow, the diameter of the yoyo, then tuck it inside using the aid of tweezers, then stitch some French knots in them to hold it in place... Just an idea, if somewhat a crazy one that's jumped outta the box! LOL

Brigitte said...

easy easy: just like the others said _ center lovely buttons. Knot them at the front and let little tails with a contrasting thread (?), not at the backside - hugs Brigitte

or tiny, tiny yoyos over the whole - with its whole at the backside ..... many options :-)

love your basket !!!

Betweens said...

Rosa your yo yo's don't have to be taken off.. I would take out the stitching on the inside and restitch the holes it will be easier cause the stitches will be bigger.. then viola you won't have to sew them on!