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Friday, November 13, 2009

Blame it on Fahrenheit 350!!!

Hi There!

Well, I do believe that we're right
smack-dab-center of "Indian Summer"!

This is what our backyard neighbour's
tree looked like, last month.

And yet, another colourful picture....

Then, the weather turned cold....
In fact, these past few evenings,
it's been below the freezing mark
but yet, during this past week -
daytime -
it's been absolutely GORGEOUS out!

Especially, for this time of the year!

Wednesday was Remembrance Day,
for us Canucks.
I took Thursday and Friday off, also,
for a "mini vacation"!!!

Thursday, Gilbert and I went to Canadian Tire -
that's one of our hardware stores -
and he picked up
one of those long thingies to prune branches.

Take a look at the same tree,
minus "leaves"!

She kinda looks "nekked", don't she, eh?


And believe it or not, this leads me into
my NEXT subject,
on WHY I'm blaming Fahrenheit 350!

Yesterday, I clicked on Fahrenheit's blog,
and entered her contest.
(She's listing her favorite web sites.)

As she cooks and bakes, of COURSE
she's got to list her favorite blogs,
mostly "food" blogs.
*rolling my eyes in exageration*

Yesterday's blog was quite delightful...
and I stumbled on an
"Apple Coffee Cake" recipe,
from LaDue and Crew!

GOOD LORD!!!!!!!!

While Gilbert was outside raking leaves,
I had to stay inside and "pretend" I was busy, eh?

This cake is now my NUMERO UNO
for Fall cakes!!!!

As a part time cook,
I've always said,
"Hey, you gotta taste it before you serve it!"

This is a close-up picture of my cake,
but it's a bit blurry.

My apologies -
My hands were shaking from DESIRE!!!!


Cake that's just spicy enough - but not too spicy.
EXTRA moist - due to pre-swollen raisins and apple pieces.

And, most importantly of all -
Not too, too complicated!

Tks for leading me to this website, Fahrenheit 350
thanks LaDue and Crew,
for sharing this recipe!!!

BTW, Fahrenheit 350 is in the midst
of her Blogiversary contest.

You might want to head over there
and see if you don't win something!

Do NOT go there on an empty stomach!!!




Fahrenheit 350° said...

Isn't that cake amazing! I know!

LaDue & Crew said...

{Blush}...aww, how sweet you are! Thanks so much for taking the time to visit, and to actually make it- asap I see! It looks awesome! I will be back ;-)