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Saturday, November 21, 2009

The "Announcer" is her own "Star"!!!

Hi there!

SewCalGal is having her OWN contest!!!

Imagine that, eh? The "announcer" has become her own "Star"! *VBG*

She's asked that we comment on her blog about how Thank-Ful we'd be, if we won her blogtest (blog contest).... seeing as the American Thanksgiving is the 26th of November.

I'm thankful and grateful that I have her listed under my "Blog Favorites". She gathers interesting blog contests, every day. And every day, I click on her blog and check out the latest contests that she's got listed. I don't always submit my name for these contests but most times I do.

Have I won yet?

Twice, so far! *VBG*

Thanks SewCalGal!!!!

Have a great sewing weekend, everybody!

Me? I'm hoping to get some sewing down, amongst laundry, some baking, attending a Christmas (cousin and friends) party Saturday evening and my niece's birthday party, Sunday afternoon.


1 comment:

quiltmom said...

Congratulations on the win on Elaine's blog- How nice for you You are continuing on your winning ways- perhaps you should buy a lottery ticket VBG
It makes me happy to see my blog friends win.
Hope you have a terrific weekend.
Warmest regards,