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Monday, November 30, 2009

A Typical Sewing Day, for Moi

Hi there!

I promised myself that I would be trying
to post every evening, for the month of December.

December's in a few hours,
so I thought I'd share with you one of my web pages,
that I had written in 2006:

A Typical "Sewing" Day.

If your typical sewing day is like mine...
I'd love to read about it!
(HINT: You can always leave a "comment",
with your typical sewing day experiences! LOL)

Hope you have a great week!



Faithful Quilter:Elaine's Journey said...

Yep, sounds exactly like one of "my" typical sewing days!

In fact, today was one of them when everyone else decided what I should do with my day off from work!

Oh well, tomorrow is another day...and I will try again!


elaine in slo,,ca

Miriam said...

Sounds very familiar to me!!!!

Did you get some sewing done today, Rosa???

rockgranny said...

Thank you God, I'm not the only one "orginzed" quilter.Just to mention that I live alone and don't work for last four months because of the early retirement.
And I'm proudly anouncing that yesterday I DID 4 string blocks.Ta-daaaa.
And I have plans to do next four today, and day after tomorrow too, and than again, and again and again...I need it about 144 or so.It is going to be suprise quilt for my DD.Well her birthday is in last week of June , I guees I have enough time.
You really made my day, thanks

Frummie said...

Hey Sweetie,
This sounds like my house.
I purchased a wonderful miniature fuzzy person yesterday. Her name is Happy Bottom, after my friend you get it? ;-} She is going to be trained as a therapy dog. Happy's father is the Miniature Schnauzer that came to Gladys while she was in Hospice. Gladys was in a coma and we put the fuzzy person on her bed, we watched her breathing change. I decided then and there I wanted to do this for other people. I will be 2-3 days at the hospital, once we are both trained. More later.