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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Can you say "Sore"?

Hi There!

Last Thursday and Friday,
I kept feeling a little "twinge"
whenever I'd get in or out or my car - you know,
in the top of my leg / groin area...
Not quite my hip, but below my hip.
Not bad enough to write home about,
but it was still there.

Saturday morning, Gilbert and I
set out to do some Geocaching.

Soooo, since it's deer season, around these parts,
Gilbert and I decide to head over to the
BIGGEST Canadian "municipal" park -
Rockwood Park.

A cool looking tree, on our way to our
first cache find. *grin*

(NOTE: My hat is BRIGHT "Hunter Orange"!)

A small "cave" and NO !!!!!!!!!!!

Neither Gilbert nor "I" ventured
into that hole-in-the-ground!


Actually, Gilbert found it.
(Do you see the camo'd ammo can???)

We did a few others and then,
we ventured (by car), deeper into
Rockwood Park, for yet another cache.

Gilbert took this picture -
see his shadow?!?? LOL

Anyhow, once Thunder, our dog,
jumped out of the car....
all the ducks

Thunder thought he was on
Duck Patrol, I guess!

My goodness, but they did a LOT
of improvement to Rockwood Park,
since the last time I was there!
They've now got these cool monuments,
here and there, throughout the park!

Here's another cache find.
See the hook?
It's attached to a film container.
Neat, eh?

Now, this was one of our coolest finds,
that day!

Nope, can't tell you where the cache was hidden,
but thanks to the cache owner who gave us a
"Heads Up".... otherwise, we'd STILL be there,
looking for the cache!

Sooooo, I'm sharing with you our
Caching Adventure day.

By Saturday evening, I felt like I was

My thigh bone / groin was aching!!!!

Today is Tuesday and after consulting
with my friend - Doc Flo, on Sunday,
it was decided that Ibuprofen - 800 mg
would be the best medecin.

So far, so good.
I'm not yelping as much,
from the pain.


Have a great week!


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Jean M. said...

Hi Rosa... Sounds like you and you hubby had a great day venturing out.... I hust love the pictures... The ducks are so sweet... The park looks like a great place to go to and wish I was there... :)