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Friday, November 13, 2009

H1N1, Hockey and Aitch-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks

Hi There!

Okay, my friend K-J McLean FINALLY caught the "Hee-Nee" flu - better written as H1N1 flu. She called me up Wednesday to tell me.

K-J thought she had caught the Hee-Nee flu in October but it wasn't. This time it was a LOT worst and hit her much faster.

Should I be jumping in joy because she FINALLY caught it and would be immune to it, afterwards? Or should I commiserate with her? I chose the later. *s*

Although I may make her a T-Shirt that reads, "I Survived the Swine Flu, eh".

She said she had visited a Canadian health web site and that she had ALL the symptoms, or almost all of them.

My Mom was telling me that she watched something on T.V. and the person was saying that from the minute you start feeling flu-ish, the Hee-Nee will hit you BAAAAD within 2 hours!!!

Yep - Within TOW HOURS ONLY, you'll feel like a transport truck hit you.

Their advice? Climb into bed and take hostages - water and fruit juices, tylenol/aspirin and tissue paper. Lock the bedroom door behind you so no one else will try to invade your infectious "nest" and pull the blankets up to your neck and SLEEP or REST. *s*

Here's another one of my blogging followers that has great advice on the H1N1 flu:


Oh... you're probably wondering why the title, in my blog, eh?

Well, K-J McLean was feeling fine Saturday around 6 p.m., when I spoke with her... but she was heading off to go to one of our local Hockey games and then.... Sunday around midnight - I believe she told me, all Aitch-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks broke out... and 2 hours later, she was BAAAAD. IMHO, she caught that darn virus at the Hockey game!

Sooooo, that's why I chose the title for my blog. *grin*


Canadian Translator:
Hee Nee - H1N1
Hockey - A game that a LOT of Canadians either play, watch on T.V. or watch in person.
Aitch-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks - Hell
eh? - Most Canadians HAVE to finish their sentences with an "eh?", but don't necessarily expect an answer to this question.



KJ McLean said...

Yes, this is definitely MUCH worse than what I had in September! My throat hasn't been this sore since my tonsils were on their way to the hospital incinerator when I was seven!

Nastiest complication yet? My dear sweet Hubby is now sick. :(

Caron said...

I had HeeNee. Yes, it sent me to Aitch-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks and back, eh. Thank you very much, don't need it again, eh?

From your neighbor over the border, in the land of Red Wings.