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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Giving Thanks - One last time...

Hi There!

Remember those wonderful tomatoes,
that we harvested, at the end of September?

I had blogged about it...
"I Need Tomato Recipes!"

Well, we put those 4 tomatoes on our windowsill
and I hated to tell you but we lost one -
Yep! It had turned "bad", on us, unfortunately.

Anyhow, yesterday evening,
Gilbert and I shared a bittersweet moment...
We cut up and ate the last of our crop...

Seriously, it makes for a nice picture though, eh?

And, I had forgotten to share with you,
this "Braggin' Buy", from this summer.

When Gilbert and I first got together,
I knew that he loves different shaped pastas.

So, I had special ordered this poster,
to put in our kitchen.

That was 10 years ago and...
*hangs her head in shame*...
the poster was getting dirty and dusty.

We have a store in our city called "Value Village".

They have a bunch of 2nd hand and
sometimes still new, but out-dated stuff...

Mostly clothes but they do have a big selection of "stuff".

Well, lookee here!
I picked up a smaller version of our poster,
but this one was mounted on a pressboard base,
with a thingy on the back - ready to hang!

For 2 bucks!!!

The previous poster, with shipping, had cost me 30!

Go figure, eh?


Have a great weekend!



Jacqui's Quilts said... sure have the gift of enjoying the little things in life! LOL Great pictures on the blog and what fun to get that pasta poster! I've seen one of those before and was very tempted, but had no idea where to hang it...but it is very appealing!

Hugs from Ontario,

quiltmom said...

Ah the joys of Value Village- Rosa- as I have been cleaning out the basement and chucking stuff-I know I should be sending them off to be recycled by some organization like VV or Goodwill- However, this time it is just going into the bin- the environment police will be at my door... ( I never did have the pasta poster though)
Loved your story about the tomato- made me laugh - I do love how you find the joys in everyday life.
Be well, my friend,

rockgranny said...

Love the way you write.I'm here for the first time but surely not the last.
Have a nice day