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Sunday, November 29, 2009


Hi There!

Well, my gifties finally made to their destinations.

Earlier this year, I had joined up on a
PIF - Pay It Foward
(based on the movie)

Greg, at "Flat Out Quilting"
got two BRIGHT placemats,
as he had signed up to be a "PIFer"!

Greg, my friend....
BOTH sides can be considered the "front".

Remember the rooster and chicken coop
fabric, that I had won, a while back,
from my friend, Frummie?

Well, I had decided to make some placemats,
with these gorgeous fabrics.

Made 2 for Gilbert and I.
Made 2 for Terry - she had signed up as a "PIFer"
Made 2 for my Mom and Dad, also....
But Mom called and said that she doesn't
want to use them on the table -
she'd rather frame them! LOL

And finally, I made 2 for my good friend
Frummie and her Charlie!

These were made "from my heart" -
hills and valleys, and nooks and crannies, too!
(thanks for the nooks and cranny expression, Frummie!)

Hope you all have a great week!



Frummie said...

I can't believe you won. Wow, that's fantastic.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the placemats, nooks and crannies and all. I love them.
Thank you my friend.
Love you

Elly D said...

CONGRATULATIONS ROSA!!! I'm so happy for you!!