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Monday, October 12, 2009

Another GORGEOUS Fall Day!!!

Hi There!

Well, Thanksgiving and Gilbert decided to do
some major vacuum cleaning, this morning.

I started to help and then decided that
it might be best if I just hide, somewhere.

I went downstairs and worked
some place mats.

Around 12 noon, we FINALLY
get together and grab "brunch" and
at which point Gilbert says that
he's just about finished what chores
he wanted to do.

Sooooo, I suggest that we go out
for a ride and do some urban geocaching.

Here's a cache container that we found,
in our city's outdoor garden park.

Nice think about Geocaching is that
is usually takes you to places where
you'd never been before or didn't know
it existed, even!

Gilbert didn't know about this park.

Then, we went to one of our local
beaches - "Bay Shore" and
with our nifty dog brush,
and since it was fairly windy....
Thunder got a good hair brushing!

Once we got home and with reddish cheeks -
it was a bit nippy by the beach....
It IS, after all, the Atlantic ocean...

I said to Gilbert, "We should have a drink."
Gilbert replies, "Well, it's only 4 p.m."
I replied, "Yah, but it's 9 p.m. in France!"
Gilbert quickly answered, "Okay, we'll have our apero, now!"


Anyhow, as my blog title reads,
"Rosa's World", this is what happens
sometimes in MY world.

Back to work tomorrow!


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Fahrenheit 350° said...

It's not fair when people talk about the beach! I miss the beach so much I can't stand it!