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Saturday, January 12, 2008

DJ - Papa's Star (sorta) Clock - for 1 dollar!

Since I didn't have a clock in my new studio/sewing room, Gilbert suggested that we pick one up. I suggested that we go to the Dollar Store, since I'm not fussy. That's when my creative juices started flowing. If I couldn't find a "sewing theme'd" clock, in my city... why not just paint one??!??!

I figured out the measurements, from my Dear Jane CD and printed "Papa's Star" to fit, right in the center. Then, you take a special carbon paper and place it behind the paper, and just trace it.
Got my carbon paper at a craft store.

Gilbert offered to help, so I said, "SURE... go for it!" LOL

Here, you see that the star isn't quite centered - thanks to that "dot", where the hands of the clock, go. Hmmm.. that's what you get for 1 buck, I guess. Anyhow, we couldn't place the tiny star, in the middle - no room and the hands would block it, anyhow. :-(

So, that's why it's a "Papa's Star"... sorta

I put a base coat of "beige" on it.... representing muslin fabric.

Painted the star yellow and added little red dots to it.

Gilbert added the hands of the needle. Nice, eh? *grin*

As soon as everything was dried, Gilbert wasted no "time" in hanging it up on the wall, for me.!

I had Gilbert place it between my 2 windows.

And that's basically how you do a (sorta) "Papa's Star" clock, for 1 buck.


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Judy said...

Love your sorta Papa's Star Clock Rosa! You do come up with great ideas! Very creative and fitting!
Hugs Judyxx