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Thursday, January 10, 2008

DJ - Progress

Well, a group of "Janiacs" - that's what we're called, are supposed to meet in Bangor, in June. Since I'm the one that is the most advanced on my quilt, I was asked to bring it along... pieced or not pieced.

That kinda lit the fire under my butt and I've decided to do my best to piece it as fast, as humanly possible. *grin*

So far, I've got these strips put together - I'm up to Row E. The quilt goes up to Row M.

I've been busy pulling out a "row" of blocks from my binder, removing all residue of paper from those that are paper pieced, re-ironing them, squaring them up, sashing them and making a "strip".... one could almost say that I've been "stripping", whenever I get a chance. LOL

Block number B-2 needs to be ripped off that strip and re-done... I only noticed a "problem" with it, after I had completed a few other rows. *groan*

Will keep you posted on my progress.



Suze said...

Wow Rosa, there I am on your Blog.

I can add you to my list as soon as the wrist gets better.

Right now typing is one handed and sloooooow.........

Suzanne H said...

What's wrong with B-2? I don't see anything. Remember, "Finished IS better than perfect"!

Rosa Robichaud said...

Hi Suzanne!

I did the "base" with paper piecing.... chunks were missing, on the sides - tried to sash it and there's still a few minuscule "holes", that with washing and time, would DEFINITELY start fraying. And I (naive me...LOL) thought, at the time, that I'd be able to hide it, with sashing... but as I'm writing this, I'm saying to myself, "HEY SELF!!! Why not do a log cabin around it FIRST, and then re-sash it?!??"

YAH.... Anyhow, that's basically why I "was" planning on redoing it, but thanks to your email, I've figured out another way to add more numbers to my DJ! LOL

Thanks a bunch for the "comment" and for making my brain work, tonight! *grin*