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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Christmas Siggies - A to I

Yesterday, I FINALLY got my Christmas Siggies!!!

I looked them over - that took a good hour.
I then put them in alphabetical order - that took another good hour... had to oooh and aaah some more. *grin*
Then, I "had" to go downstairs and have supper.... unfortunately, and leave my beauties all alone, upstairs. :-(
Then, I went on my web page to see if I got an (extra) Special Siggie - that took about a 1/2 hour, as I had to F & F them, again. F & F, you ask? Well, that's Fondle and Feel, of course! LOL

Then, I took pictures of a whole bunch of my favorites and UNFORTUNATELY, there were too many. I then had to (painfully) delete some and then, select the ones that I would upload here.

I'm sorry if your Siggie's picture isn't on my blog, but I had to make several tough decisions... They're ALL GORGEOUS, actually!!!! *grin*

And THEN, I blogged about them, yesterday evening... could only do about 1/2 of them, as it was around 11 p.m., by the time I had finished! Sooooo, you could say that I played with my Christmas Siggies, ALL evening! *grin*

Anyhow, here's the list, from A to I:

Alicia Bell - I LOVE the blue fabric, with the snowflakes!

Ally Wilson - Cute ornament fabric, with GOLD threads!!!

Amy Otsu - Something about your Santa, with it's open arms makes me giggle... *grin*

Andrea Koziol - Such lovely green fabric, with shimmery snowflakes!

Anita Blanton - I LOVE hand drawn Siggies! Great job on the holly!

Ann Jennings - Your snowman is cute as a button! I'm starting to fall in love with snowmen! *grin*

Ann Towns - Such lovely, soft fabric! Love the holly, too!

Annette Johnson - You selected a LOVELY fabric and stamp! And HEY! You're a Canadian, too! *VBG*

Barbara Carter - Love the cute light bulb fabric! It's VERY Christmassy!

Barbara Daniel Cissne - How did you EVER manage to stamp or paint such a GORGEOUS dark green tree?!??! LOVE IT!!!

Barb Honey - Such PERFECT embroidery! And I know, the journey that these blocks took! *grin*

Barbara Perry - What a lovely wreath!! And with French knots, too!!! I would never have thought of doing French knots on a wreath.... LOVE IT!!!

Betty McPeck - OH MY GOODNESS!!! A small wreath, with all that painting or stamping! It's GORGEOUS!!!

Beverly Sherman - I love the double bell stamp! And your fabric has lovely gold thread in it, too!

Billy Carmichael - Such a simple, yet lovely and symbolic stamp! Thanks!

Bonny Stonemark - What a GORGEOUS Christmas tree and with BLING, too!!! *grin*

Brigitte Baierl - All the way from Poland?!?!? A lovely Christmas tree!!!

Carly Davis - Lovely, gorgeous red fabric.... once again, with lovely gold threads, in it!!!

Carol Klein - OH MY GOODNESS!!! I took a picture of this block, but unfortunately your SOOO CUTE "Mistle Toad" didn't come out, very well.... It's sooooo cute and comical! LOVE IT!!!

Caron Mosey - Lovely, leafy fabric and a cute Christmas ornament stamp, too!

Cathy Sanders - Cathy, your cardinal(?), sitting amongst holly(?) and your deep, burgundy fabric is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! And the BLING!!! I LOVE BLING!! *grin*

Cheri Williams - With 4 cats here, your Angel kitty cats, dressed in cute victorian dresses, are just SOOOO adorable!

Cheryl Camp - Your Christmas tree is soooo cute! Looks like it took a lot of work to make the garland... 165 times?!? Yikes! Thanks for swapping!!!! *VBG*

Cheryl Langshaw - I just LOVE the fabric that you selected! Gorgeous, Christmassy red, with gold thread!!!

Chris Benjamin - Chris, your snowman is SOOOO cute and I DO love that cute little button that you added, too! And the blue (snowflake) fabric is like "baby snowmen"!!! LOL

Cindy Temple - Another cute tree, with a cute (bling?) star at the top!!!

Coral Pariso - LOVE the Santas, in your fabric. Reminds me of Jim Shore's work. Hmmm.. probably IS Jim Shore's fabric - he DOES have a fabric line, eh? *scratches her head* Anyhow, it's such a deep, gorgeous blue!!! LOVE IT!!

Cyn Forrest - Cyn, I do so much adore the fabric that you selected! Burgundy background with nice green leaves and GOLD ferns, here and there!!!!

Cyndie Alvarez - ANOTHER cute fabric, with Christmas lights in it!!! Simply adorable!!! *s*

Cynthia Hague - Cynthia.... your blue ornaments with lovely silver thread, is absolutely GORGEOUS! BTW, you've got a LOVELY handwriting - did I ever tell you that?!? *grin*

Darlene Martin - OH MY GOODNESS!!! What a gorgeous stamp! And then, she went and added spots of sparkly paints, here and there! INCREDIBLE!!!

Deanna Ahern - Another gorgeous Siggie with holly/mistletoe and berries and the stamps so nice and dark! Love your fabric selection, too, Deanna!!!

Debbie Albers - Lovely stamp and fabric! And then, she went and added some cute green beads, on it, too!!! That MUST have taken FOREVER to make 165 Siggies!!! *grin*

Debbie K. Frey - I love your cute little Christmas tree... and the fabric is gorgeous, too - matches the stamp color!!!

Deborah Schultz - (AKA DebGiggles) - You had mentioned your dragon stamp but I just couldn't "visualize" it. OH MY GOODNESS, but it's ADORABLE!!! Tks for swapping, my friend!!!
(NOTE: DebGiggles selected a dark, gorgeous green - my camera couldn't pick up the wonderful colors in her Siggie, unfortunately.)

Debra Effinger - Gingerbread people, rolling pin, cookies - you name it... it's on her cute Siggie! LOVE IT!!!

Dee Locke - Your lovely Christmas bell'd fabric, with the cute mistle toe and berries will look LOVELY in my quilt! *VBG*

Deloris Burckhard - I think this was the only candy cane'd fabric - TOO CUTE!!!

Denise Edwards - Ooops... here's ANOTHER candy cane'd fabric, with with gold thread! LOVE the koala bear stamp, with the Santa hat!!!

Diane Heller - Such gorgeous, shimmery, green fabric!!!

Diane Patry - ALL hand-sewn!!! All 165 of them!!! PLUS, she made ANOTHER 165 siggies, for her daughter - ALL hand-sewn!!! INCREDIBLE!!! Love the old fashioned Santa fabric, too! *grin*

Diane Russell - How precious - LOVELY green stars!!!

Donna Fisher - I just wanna know HOW you got to stamp or paint the lovely, soft green background, around your tree?!?!? And I love the little (gold threaded) gifties, too!

Dorothy Englert - REINDEERS!!!! Didn't get too many of these, so this one too, is precious! *grin*

Elaine Petrik (AKA Elena) - You have a GORGEOUS stamp, my friend and I LOVE the star with BLING on it!!!

Elly Dunbar - All the way from Scotland, with the most ADORABLE snowman! Love the Scottish "Merry Christmas"(?), too! *grin*

Freda Price - Cute little Christmas elf!!! I don't think I have too many of those, either!! *grin*

Froma Sommers (AKA Frummie) - Frummie, Frummie, Frummie.... what can I say?!? You did an EXCELLENT job on your Christmas Siggie!!! Charlie will be SOME happy camper, with his Christmas Siggie quilt! *grin*

Gail Enos - Such beautiful green fabric, with nice GOLD Christmas bells!!!

Gean Armour - Gean, I LOVE your Christmas message: "May your Holidays be filled with laughter & merriment" and, of course, your snowman fabric is ABSOLUTELY adorable, too!

Helen Clark - What a CUTE little fellow or gal that you have, for a stamp!!! And I DO love the fabric that you selected, too! *grin*

Helen Gnuechtel - This stamp is sooo precious! Peace, written in MANY languages!!! And, once again, I'm a sucker for fabric with gold thread in it! *grin*

Helen Marie Kirby - Helen Marie, your work is incredible and you have a LOVELY handwriting, my friend! Love the fabric and stamp, too! A piece of art, IMHO. *s*

Helen Stanaitis - Now, THIS Siggie, made me giggle ALL evening long! Isn't Santa just ADORABLE, in his summer shorts. Coming from Florida, I will be touching this Siggie a lot, during our cold, winter months! LOL

Hope Kirk - ANOTHER lovely siggie, from Texas! I've noticed that the gals, from Texas seem to almost ALWAYS incorporate something about their lovely state, in their Siggies. A cheerful Texan Santa!!! *VBG*


Well, that's it, for this bunch. Thank you SOOOO much to our Swap Mommy and her assistants and to ALL the swappers! This quilt, once finished, will be cherished!!!


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Rose Marie said...

Fantastic siggies and you sure do have quite the collection!

Do you have the email address of the hostess for this swap? I am probably too late for this year, but sure would like to participate next year.