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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Snow tires and other stuff

Hi There!

It's Saturday morning and we'll be off to do our $%&# "Saturday Morning Errands".
Most of you KNOW who much I enjoy this....

Anyhow, Tuesday evening, Gilbert had written down, on our "To Do" list that he needed winter tires and THIS Saturday, was THE day. I had suggested that we call ahead and book an appointment, for this. He said, "Oh no... we don't need to do that. We just drop in."

Anyhow, Friday morning, he asks me to call our tire place - good idea (grin).

Apparently, they were booked solid!!!

Soooooo, we booked an appointment for NEXT Saturday, but they wanted us to drop in, anyhow.... to pre-order the tire size, etc, etc.
Soooooo, that's the only errand we have to do, apparently - THANK GOD!!!

On a little side note, the province of Quebec has a new law that is in effect, November 15th, of this year. ALL cars MUST have winter tires installed, by that date. Great idea, IMHO!

Our province is considering putting that law into place.

IF they do, it'll probably be for NEXT year. Who knows, eh?


And tonight, another one of my famous "LOVE TO DO" things.....

NOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have to turn back our clocks.

Why in the heck to we have to do that, ANYHOW??!??!

Why doesn't some brain, SOMEWHERE, in our country put their foot down and we STAY with the time ... or, HEY!!! put the time in the 1/2 way mark! And we learn to LIVE with it!!!

What a waste of my energy - PLUS, I ALWAYS have a hard time to adjust to the new time!!!

Yes, I know I'm bitching, but I do, do that... from "time" to "time"....

Have a great weekend!


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