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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Paris Hilton LOVES Dear Jane!!!

Hi there!

Gilbert sent me a picture this evening, via email,
telling me that Paris Hilton LOVES Dear Jane, too!!!

She even has a CD with my picture and my (incomplete) DJ quilt top!!!

(click on her picture to see ME better!)


Yes, I know - I can dream....

Actually, he went to photofunia and grabbed one of my pictures,
with my DJ quilt top and played around with the images, on this website!

Soooooo.... now YOU can go and have fun with your pictures, too!

Thought I'd share another silly thing. *grin*



Wenche said...

I really love your picture. I used that link too and got some really cool pictures for my blog as well. Haven't posted yet tho

Ellie said...

'grin' this is really funny. If only she could see it, she probably wouldn's have a clue what she was holding!

Bye Ellie, just starting with DJ

Brigitte said...

thanks Rosa, too funny. Played with this site and posted a picture on my blog. Not without a link to your blog ;-)
XOX Brigitte

Elly D said...

Well you had me going there Rosa, LOL!! I like it. :-D