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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dad and Mom's 50th Wedding Anniversary!!!

Hi there!

Yesterday afternoon, we celebrated our parent's 50th Wedding Anniversary!

They got married on the 27th of December 1958, but we decided to celebrate it early....
before any possible winter storm. *grin*

I had gathered as many family pictures as possible and
Gilbert scanned them and created a DVD,
which we played during the afternoon.

The "balloon" and this picture, Gilbert grabbed from the internet
and we had them on the DVD.

We decided to do an "open house", at my brother-in-law and sister's home...

They have a nice big home and were gracious enough to let us
celebrate there.

We didn't do an official count but Gilbert's guessing
that there were about 30 to 40 people, there.

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Here's a picture of my parents.
Left to Right:
Dad, Mom, Tante Diana (now deceased) and l'Oncle Raymond - Dad's older brother.

My other sister had a picture of Dad and Mom,
cutting their wedding cake.
She brought it to our local grocery store,
where they (somehow) printed it on one of their cakes!

Amazing, eh?!?!?

It's all icing - yep! edible....
yet it truly looked like a picture!

Here's Dad and Mom, at their anniversary,
opening up cards.

And for this picture, I had to YELL OUT,


All in all, we had an EXCELLENT time!

Thanks to everyone that came..... *grin*



ranette said... sweet!!! You look so much like your Mom. Looks like the happy couple was Blessed!

Wilma said...

It looks like a lovely party Rosa, The cake looks really nice. As a cake decorator myself, I love the invention of the computer scanner and printer. Food Color in the ink cartriges, and frosting sheets that are paper thin made from 10x sugar, cornstarch, and water. They make the most beautiful cakes. And, I agree with ranette, you do look like your Mom.