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Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Cinderella Syndrome

Okay.... here's the scoop.

I took Friday afternoon off 'cause I have Monday off 'cause Tuesday is Remembrance Day, here in Canada and most of us have it off.... AND, I wanted an extra, EXTRA, long weekend!

Soooo, Friday morning, I realize that I needed to do a bank deposit (for work) and it wasn't done on Thursday. So, I leave work at noon and I'm starving, right? I decide to go pick up a "Combo #2" at one of our local Chineese restaurants. Arrive there - too many people. Decide to have it as "take out"... wait a good 20 minutes, anyhow. Leave there, rush to our bank - ANOTHER line-up! Wait a good 10 minutes there, rush home, get out of the car with "Combo #2", starting to get colder and colder by the minute and YEP! I stepped right into one of our dog's wonderful little "gifts"!


Okay, in his defense, we haven't been very good owners lately and our backyard WAS starting to really look like a mine field 'cept the bombs weren't buried.

Anyhow... hurry out the front to scrap the bottom of my shoe off, on the front lawn. THAT took a good 5 minutes. Rush into the house... scarf down "Combo #2", which was luke warm by now.
And instead of having the work bank deposit book with me, all weekend, I decided to go back to work to return the darn book, on my way to groceries.... our cupboard was REALLY bare - hence the necessity for "Combo #2".

Arrived home around 3 p.m., avoiding this time, those little "gifties" from our dog, unpacked grocery... went upstairs and got changed - now, it's about 3h30 p.m. and then..... POOF! I sit back and realize that I'm exhausted!!!


And, Friday afternoon, I was "supposed" to have a restful afternoon...
all to my self, so that I could SEW!

Anyhow, today's Sunday (5 p.m.) and Gilbert decided he wanted to make up a few batches of lasagna... we freeze them up for later.

People, I'm not sure if any of you are lucky enough to have a husband that does MOST or ALL of the cooking.... it sure is nice! *VBG*

And did you ever notice how those that DO cook... why, they just seem to enjoy it SOOO much, too! That's the amazing part, in my books!!!!


Anyhow, the un-written law here is that Gilbert cooks and I do the dishes.

Now, the odd time, I'll cook the meal and, the odd time, he'll help and dry the dishes.

And THANK GOD, he's not a complainer! Those dishes sometimes are there for days, too! *grin*

He's started mentioning renovations, again. I guess the kitchen/dining room is next... I REALLY hate the thought of all that work - packing dishes, moving stuff... not having a kitchen for a few months, but I KNOW it will look 100% (plus) better than what it looks like now...

And... HEY! he promises to buy a dishwasher, too!!!

Will keep you guys posted on renos....


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