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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fabulous Fall Frolic (FFF) Swap

Hi there!

Okay, on the DJalternate (yahoo group) site, we decided to have a

Fabulous Fall Frolic (FFF) swap.

You select which blocks you want to make, from the Dear Jane blocks,
submit your list to the Swap Grammy,
and then you make 5 of each.
That means, when the swap is over, I should be receiving
25 different FFF blocks.
Oh yes! I made an extra set for myself, to keep.
So, I'll end up with AT LEAST 30 FFF blocks!
They're to be made in "Fall" colors, in case you haven't figured it out. *grin*

Deadline for signups was the 30th of September 2008.
Deadline to submit blocks is the 15th of January 2009.

Mine have since been submitted and received. Frummie is our "Swap Grammy".


Anyhow, I thought I'd share their pics with you.

Took them BEFORE I mailed them off, obviously. LOL

H-13 Farm Fields
(I figured you need SOME green, as not all trees change colors.)

F-3 Snowball

F-2 Kaleidscope

E-4 Buffalo Tree Hopper
(This one is one of my favorites to make!)

B-4 Chris's Soccer Field

That's it! I'm quite eager to receive these blocks!

I figure that I'll make a lap quilt, or a few(?) table runners.....

Not sure, yet.



Cathy said...

Rosa, Your blocks are out of this world. This was one swap I was tempted to back out of. I still might have to - I'm finishing up 4 other swaps before I can even start my FFF blocks. But after seeing yours, I will do my berry best to get them done and to Frummie on time. I may even have to hand deliver them if time is that short. We only live 30 minutes away from each other and still haven't met. Well, thanks for putting up your pics. They are gorgeous and very encouraging. I will press/sew on!!

Jacqui's Quilts said...

Rosa...LOVE that Chris's soccer field block! They're all nice, but that one I really love!! You're making me wish I'd joined this swap LOL. No, I need to work on my DJ first...then I'll join swaps. :-)