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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Imperial Theatre Christmas Quilt Display

Hi there!

Our quilting guild - The Marco Polo Quilting Guild - was asked to display some of their Christmas themed (mini) quilts, at our local theatre -
Saint John Imperial Theatre.

Yesterday - Saturday morning - Gilbert and I dropped in,
before we headed out to do our "Saturday Morning Errands".

I brought my camera along, to share some pics with you.
Unfortunately, I didn't dare upload ALL the pics...
it would have taken forever.

Soooo, I selected a few.... Hope you enjoy.

Our guild had courses on how to do these
3 dimensional wall hangings.

I wasn't able to attend the courses.... :-(

But here's one, with a Christmas scene - SPECTACULAR!!!!

Since I had made an Angel quilt, for my cousin Alice,
Angel quilts fascinate me - they can be done SOOO many different ways!

Check out the gold thread, for the musical notes!

Cute, eh?

And here's another one, done in a "stain glass" method.

I haven't tried doing anything in "stained glass", yet.... it's on my to-do list.


And here's ANOTHER gorgeous one!

I just LOVE the blanket stitch!!!

I think of ALL the hangings there....
this one happens to be my favorite!

The "ribbons" coming from the moon - how artistic!!!

You can just imagine yourself, in the woods,
on a cold, crisp evening, with a full moon!


Now, this one is just a basic piecing or paper piecing quilt....

But, I DO love the colors and the workmanship
- or should I say... "workwomanship"(?!?)
was INCREDIBLE, too!

Here's ANOTHER incredible piece!

Not sure what I liked better...
the snowflakes, or the nice choice of fabrics....

My cousin, Ginette, asked me to make her a "snowman" quilt.
Haven't started yet, but I've been slowly gathering
"snow people" ideas, here and there.

Aren't these adorable?!?!?!?

A closeup of a snowman....

And another snowman - holding a star and looking upwards.

Very cute, too!

And here's the main reason why we went to
the Imperial Theatre....

My "Woven Table Runner", on display!!!!

First time EVER, that I've been "exposed" to the public!


Gilbert took a picture of me, standing beside my "piece de resistance"


And to prove to you that it IS woven, I stuck my finger in between the "tubes".

Thanks for visiting my blog!



Wilma said...

Rosa, Your runner is very nice. you did a great job. I love all of the quilts you showed.


ranette said...

Beautiful table runner Rosa! Very talented quilters in your guild. Thanks for sharing.

Golden Years Gal said...

These are the nicest that I have seen from the quilt blogs. Fantastic!!!!

Elly D said...

Thank you for the virtual quilt show Rosa:)
Your table runner looks great too :-D Thank you for sharing..