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Monday, December 1, 2008

Numbers 21 and 22 in the Heart Series!

Two more, in the "Heart 2 Heart" swap.... I think I'm up to 22 hearts, now.

This one was fun to do, but MY GOD
there was an awful lot of little itsy bitsy pieces of paper
to remove, afterwards!!!

I didn't really care for it, once finished, but once it was up on my design wall
for a few days, it kinda grew on me. *grin*

This one, was one of my favorites to make.
Since I didn't have any true "pink" or red,
in this thread collection, I selected the closest to what I had...
it's like a peachy pink. Hopefully the recipient will accept this heart,
into her quilt. *s*

The thread is fairly thick and perlescent(SP?),
therefore giving the heart a 3 dimension look.

That's it, for now. I have another one on the go,
but I haven't started the 2nd one (for me), yet.

Therefore, it's not considered finished
and I won't be posting it, until it is. *grin*


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mama said...

Very funny !! I like to swap too!

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from France

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