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Monday, December 8, 2008

The Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round...

Hi there!

Okay, the "wheels" in my head just WON'T stop going round and round and round!

Must be those darn hamsters, again! LOL

I was on a drive to finish ALL my "Heart to Heart" blocks... ASAP,
till I kinda woke up and realized,
"HEY!!! Christmas is almost here! I need to sew something Christmasy!!!"

Sooo, since Gilbert and I didn't have any nice Christmas place mats,
I started working on them, last Thursday evening.

I now have 6 Christmas place mats "tops" only.
But, they WILL get finished by Christmas Eve, or my name's not Rosa! *grin*

On another note,
I received this funny cartoon, in my email box, this evening....

Thought I'd share.

Right now, Monday evening, the temperature is:
-12 celsius = 10.4 fahrenheit
Will the wind chill factor, it's actually feels like:
-23 celsius = - 9.4 fahrenheit

But, on a positive note, Wednesday, it's supposed to be:
11 celsius = 51.8 fahrenheit

Imagine that, eh?

Now, if I can just hold on, until Wednesday! LOL

Hope everyone is nice and toasty warm -
don't forget to bundle up in a nice quilt, tonight! *grin*



Brigitte said...

brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr - soooooo cold, poor "girl" - keep warm, at least inside ;-) the cartoooon is too funny - thanks for the smile

ranette said...

10.4 degrees????? I think it's cold when the thermometer hits 30 degrees. But it doesn't sound like you have much wind right now. The wind is already BLOWING hard at 6:30am here. Oh well, enjoyed the cartoon! ;o)

Suze said...

And you sent some of that cold weather my way. Thanks for sharing.

Looking forward to seeing the Christmas placemats.