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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Another BOM (Block of the Month)

Hi there!

Well, Monday (the 29th), I had to go into work.

Yesterday, the 30th, I got up early and set out to do some errands.

One of my errands, was to go out to Rothesay - waaaay out East,
to pick up my BOM (Block of the Month).

Well, I got home around 11h30 am, had dinner (noon meal)
and then, continued to straighten out my sewing studio.

Finished that task and then decided to finish off
this month's BOM!

Pretty darn proud of this one.... the points match and all!!!

Fancy that, eh? LOL

Well, that's it for blogging, for today....

Headin' downstairs to my sewing studio,
to work on my "Monthly" quilt....

I'll post pics on here, about that project, later on...


1 comment:

Suze said...

Nice block. I really like your fabric choices........ Isn't it nice when the points look so lovely?