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Thursday, December 25, 2008

More Christmas gifties!!!

Hi there!

About 2 weeks ago, Gilbert and I received a surprise gifty
from his daughter, in Montreal!

Let me give you some background info, first.

Quebec city, celebrated their 400th anniversary, this year
and of course, they had LOTS of events
and activities planned!

Anyhow, Celine Dion was invited to sing
on the "Plaines d'Abraham".

Unknown to us... and NO, we weren't able to make it there....
they had made a DVD.

Gilbert's daughter works for Celine
and she sent us a DVD of the "show"....

Celine and other well-known (French) entertainers
are on this DVD.


We've watched 1/2 of it and plan on watching the rest,
during the holidays.

Thanks Isabelle!!!!

Last week, I received a surprise gifty
from my friend Terry - a "perpetual calendar"!!!!

After I emailed her, to thank her, she wrote back
and mentioned in her email that she MADE this!!!!

I didn't realize that on the label, her name was there!!!!

I was dumbfounded!!! And YES, it is in my quilting studio...
If you go to my web cam, you can see it there,
on top of my computer.


On the same day, I received yet ANOTHER parcel,
from another good friend - Cyn....

At this point, with all this generosity
in my mail box, my eyes filled up with tears....

I hadn't sent ANYTHING to these wonderful gals
and these 2 net pals sent me wonderful gifts!!!


When I brought these gifties into work,
my 2 co-workers were astounded!

Thank you!!!!



karenfae said...

sounds like you got some great gifts. Celine Dion is a great singer I think.

Suze said...

Glad to know that you had a delightful Christmas.