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Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas place mat (X 6)

Hi there!

Another "funny" showed up in my email, this weekend....

Thought I'd share with you....


Well, I finished our Christmas place mats WAY ahead of time -
thank goodness!

Now I can concentrate on "other" stuff.

These are 12 inch blocks, with a strip of 2 inch green fabric,
on each side of the blocks,
giving me an (approx.) place mat size of 12" X 16".

I did 2 of each, giving me a total of 6 place mats.
That should be PLENTY for my little family.


Align Center

I know that the fabric looks "beige-ish",
but it's actually a lovely mottled "goldish/carmelish" color.

Yesterday, after I finished the binding on these place mats,
I hung them up on our clothes line, to air them out.

And when I brought them back in,
they were a bit damp... so they stayed on my railing for a bit.

Decided to take a picture of them -
they looked so "Christmassy"!!!

Well, that's about it, for now, folks....

Hope you're all having fun, getting ready for Christmas!


Only 10 more days!


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ranette said...

Very pretty!!! Now you have a little bit of Christmas decorating done!