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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Holidays - so far...

Hi There!

Thought I'd share a bit, on what's happened (so far), during my Christmas holidays...

24th of December - WEDNESDAY - Christmas Eve:

I finished work at dinner time (that's noon, for us) and headed home... quickly packed up the car to go to my brother-in-law and sister's house. Once everyone arrived, around 2 p.m., we had some (Acadian) meat pie, that my Mom made. YUMMY!!!

Then, around 5 p.m., my Dad and Adam (my oldest son) started getting the lobster ready.

Here's a picture of the cooler, with some lobster in it.

A picture of Adam, getting ready to put it in the big pot of boiling water.

My Dad and Adam, snipping off those little "rubbers".

Finally get to sit down and eat!!!
Here's a picture of some of my family, feasting away...

As Gilbert is a vegetarian, I had picked up some U-Bake garlic fingers, with donair sauce.
Isn't he cute, in his red sweater?!??! *VBG*

Here's a picture of me, getting ready to eat one of my lobster's little legs.
Gilbert took the picture with his cell phone.

After this wonderful meal, we cleaned up the kitchen, a bit and sat down in the living room, to open up our Christmas gifts. Half way through opening our gifts, the electricity went down, in the house. Well, we lit some candles and had a couple flashlights stragetically placed and we were all set to continue opening up gifts! *grin*

25th of December - THURSDAY - Christmas!!!

Well, I did something that I hadn't done in a LONG time - cook a turkey! *grin*

Since Gilbert is a vegetarian, I rarely cook a meal with poultry or meat, at our home... But this year, I decided to invite Adam over and do the turkey / potatoes / veggie thing.

Left to right: James (my youngest), Adam (my oldest) and Gilbert... having a pre-drink, at the kitchen table.

Same group, except Gilbert's taking the picture and I'm there. *s*

I guess cooking a turkey meal is like riding a bicycle.... the meal turned out pretty good, if I do say so, myself! *grin*

You might have noticed that my kitchen isn't too fancy. Well, we're "supposed" to do major renovations in 2009. Not lookin' forward to it.... but AM lookin' forward to it, once it's finished! LOL

26th of December - FRIDAY - Boxing Day:
Gilbert had to work today. And even though it's called "Boxing Day", all our stores are closed, in our province.

Anyhow, I stayed home and basically sewed, all day. Gosh, the day went by quickly! *VBG*

I managed to finish my BOM. We take it in on the LAST Saturday of the month (tomorrow) and they give us a new one, for the following month.

27th of December - SATURDAY:
Well, you know when your day starts off bad? I can't begin to tell you.....

Anyhow, we got up early, to take James into work and head out to the EAST side of my city, to bring in my BOM and pick up the new one. Well, they were closed. Anyhow, I guess I'll just have to go there on Tuesday and pick up my new BOM.

After a few other disappointments, we decided to head back home. Gilbert played with his computer stuff and I re-organized my sewing room and sewed a bit.

By 8h30 p.m., we were BOTH in bed, exhausted!

28th of December - SUNDAY:

Well, we got up early and I headed downstairs in my studio, to sew for a bit and Gilbert played with his computer stuff, once again....

Am doing laundry as I finish typing up my blog.... tomorrow, I go into work for 1 day - 3 days off, and then, back to work on Friday.

Tuesday, I'll probably be on the road a lot, as I have quite a bit of shopping to do.

Later 'gators!


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Suze said...

Such a delightful holiday you had.

The lobster looked great. Noticed you had used the correct table cloth for that particular meal.

Raise a glass with me and lets toast 2009.