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Monday, December 22, 2008

More Hearts!

Hi there!

Last week, I received 2 lovely hearts from Brigitte and Monika!

We're 6 gals - 2 from the USA, 2 from Canada and 2 from Germany,
that are doing a "private" Heart 2 Heart swap.

Not sure which one that Monika made nor Brigitte,
but these blocks are GORGEOUS!!!

Brigitte and Monika ALSO included other gifties.....

I believe the Agenda (left booklet) is from Monika.
Gilbert and I were quite fascinated by the different
languages for the days and months.

You might say that it doesn't take much to fascinate us,
but since Gilbert is French and I am bilingual,
it WAS fascinating as these days and months
were in neither of our languages.

And, Brigitte made the cover
for the photo album.

She told me that she uses it to put snippets of fabric
in it... for when she goes fabric shopping.
Neat idea, eh?

I'm thinking of doing the same thing,
with her ... or rather, "my" photo album.


Thanks a bunch, ladies!

Hopefully, I'll be able to make and mail my "hearts"
to you two, soon.


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