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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Gifties for Christmas!!!

Hi there!

Monday, I received 2 more surprise
Christmas gifts!!!

A beautiful calendar, from Valerie....
As we live in Canada
Gilbert and I were BOTH
fascinated by the images!

I wanna go there, someday!!!!!!!
*stomping her feet*


Here's a picture of the back of this calendar

Thank you SO much, Valerie!!!
I've got it hung up in my home office
and will think of you, every day!

And yet, another surprise gifty!

I recently made this sign and it was hung up
in my sewing studio....

My friend Elly sent me this beautiful Angel....
and NO, it won't be hung up, just for Christmas.....

Oh... and I forgot to share this gifty,
that I received from my Mom....
she's a "non-quilter", but picked up the BESTEST book,
for me!!!!

LOVELY, LOVELY blocks in there....

Thanks everyone!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

OH!!!Rosa,I have that book too, I LOVE it. It's full of post-it notes marking which blocks I want to make, when I get the time LOL Terry