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Friday, December 26, 2008

Jo's Surprise Christmas gifty!

Hi there!

Last Sunday morning - the 21st of December,
I looked out of our little office window
and here's what I saw....

brrrrrrrrrr..... s'cold out there!

In this pic, you can see the sun
trying to peek through!

Anyhow, that Sunday evening, as we were having supper,
a Canadian Postal worker rings our door bell.

BTW, Canada Post doesn't (usually) deliver on
Saturday or Sundays.

I don't know how Jo managed that "miracle",
but truly a "miracle" it was!!!


Let me give you a little background on my friend Jo.

In 2006, I had signed up for the "Secret Pal" swap.

Jo had gotten MY name.

Throughout the year, her generosity overwhelmed me!

And not only in "gifts" either! I had just started my "Dear Jane"
quilt and Jo PATIENTLY helped me with any and
ALL bits of advice!

And every time that I had "stupid" questions, rolling around in my head,
she would patiently answer them... *s*

And we became good friends!

HEY! We've talked on the phone, even!

Anyhow, I wish I had taken the time to
take pics of ALL the goodies that she sent me...
in fact, here's a picture of the bright, red enveloppe
that arrived Sunday evening.

There's the new (green) tin, that was included in my parcel.

See the yellow and blue tin, behind the green one?
Jo had made this and sent it to me!
I keep my "rubber finger thimbles" in that tin.

Everywhere I look in my home, I see Jo and her generosity... *grin*

This year, Jo sent me TWELVE fat quarters
of small Christmas prints!

I didn't participate in this year's
Dear Jane Holiday block swap
'cause I didn't have enough
"small print" Christmas fabric....
and didn't dare admit it, to anyone.


NEXT YEAR... watch out!
I'll probably be the first to sign up!

And since Jo knows that I'm collecting 30's fabrics,
she included TWO packages of 10" squares
of 30's fabrics!!!

This will come in handy, since I've decided to make
a hodge-podge quilt of
Dear Jane, Civil War Journal Quilt and Dear Hannah blocks!

A close-up of a cute little tin,
with the letter "R" on it.
Neat, eh?

And another piece of fabric
that has orange and green, in it.

I think this chunk of fabric will look great
with my Halloween prints! *s*

She also included a big bag of
cinnamon pecans, made in her city!!!

Didn't take a picture....
and Gilbert and I try not to eat them
all at once, but DAMN those nuts are GOOD!!!

And, last but not least, she had picked these up
this fall but didn't get a chance to mail them, sooner.

They're for Gilbert.... she never forgets him...


These are wine bottle labels, for Halloween!

Neat, eh?

We don't get THESE in my city.... no sirree!!!

Thanks a bunch, Jo!!!!

You've made my Christmas!!!!


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