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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mozilla Firefox

Hi there!

Last year, Gilbert switched from Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox.
I didn't bother 'cause sometimes I don't care for "new" stuff. *s*

Anyhow, 6 months later, I was getting error pop-ups
and whatever crazy thing you can imagine, with IE.

So, Gilbert says, "Why don't you try Mozilla Firefox?
There's TONS of add-ons, too, that are fun."

So, I bit the bullet and switched over.
Some of you mentioned that you tried Mozilla Firefox and had problems with them.
If you write to me personally and describe WHAT EXACTLY happens,
maybe I can ask my personal Computer Tech (AKA Gilbert)
and can help you out. *s*

Every now and then, I have difficulty opening up a web page, with Mozilla Firefox.
Gilbert reminds me to try and open it up with IE...
I just copy the web link, go to my "programs",
open up IE and paste the addy, there....
And for some stupid reason, it works in IE!!!

But it's not enough of a bother to go back to Internet Explorer....

I LOVE Mozilla Firefox!

Anyhow, some of you also mentioned that you
didn't know where all these fantastic "add-ons" were....

Here's how you find them. A word of advice, though....

Carefully chose one, to start with. Play around with it.
If you don't care for it... DELETE IT!

I asked Gilbert if someone was crazy enough to add ALL the add-ons,
would their computer get slower.... He chuckled and said, YES.

If you decide to download Mozilla Firefox -
did I mention that it was FREE?!??....
or you already have it installed, here's where you find your "add ons":

At the top, click on TOOLS
Then, click on ADD-ONS
At the bottom, it says,
SEE ALL RECOMMENDED ADD-ONS.... click on that.

You can have fun browsing through these add-ons but as I mentioned,
I would download them wisely. *s*

Here's 3 that I wouldn't do without - you can do a "search" for these titles, BTW:


You get to select all your favorite subjects.
You can have it added to your tool bar, at the top.
You can have them send you a web site, per day...
or when you're bored, just click on the "Stumbleupon" icon
and browse web sites with YOUR pre-chosen websites.

Neat, eh? *grin*

Foxmarks BookMark Synchronizer

I have 2 computers that I use in my home. With this lovely "add-on",
ALL my favorites that I've bookmarked are
automatically synchronized on BOTH computers.

VERY handy add-on, IMHO.

And the last one that I absolutely recommend is what USED to be called, PicLens.
Apparently, it's now called


This add-on is sooooo cool, it's hard to describe.
So, I've taken a desktop snapshot of what it kinda looks like:

You almost feel like you're in a fancy smancy art galery,
when you're viewing images, on the web.

You can scroll across, from right to left.
You can zoom in on the image.
Or, you can click on the picture and to to the web page!

BTW, here's another trick that some of you might not know.

When you "Google" something, did you realize that you can
select "images"?

For example, if you're looking for "heart" patterns
and you've googled "quilt heart patterns" and then you're staring
at a bunch of web links.... you can also click on "images"
and you'll see RIGHT AWAY, what the "heart" pattern
looks like. *s*

Anyhow, that's it for now. Hope this blog helps you out!


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