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Sunday, November 23, 2008

3 More Hearts!!!

Hi there!

Well, it's Sunday evening and I managed to finish off 3 more hearts....

Broken Heart, with a "thin" rick-rack, down the center.

Another "Broken Heart", but with a fatter rick-rack, down it's center.

"Flaming Heart".... this was my 2nd "Flaming Heart"
and it will be swapped out.
Align Center

Now, this was my FIRST "Flaming Heart".

You know, when you're SURE you have things down right?

Well, it was only AFTER I finished it, that I realized that
the colours didn't appear to "flame", as they should. *groan*

Oh well, this one will be in MY quilt....
I'm not too, too fussy. *grin*

So far, this makes 20 hearts. The required number is 46.

Almost 1/2 way there.....


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