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Friday, November 14, 2008

DJ - Wall

Okay, in the past couple years, I've had a few people that have asked, "How did you do your DJ website, with the table??? And how can I do that???"

I will try and explain it as simply as possible.

You have 2 choices. You can make a DJ table and keep it on your own computer. It's simpler that way, but you really can't share it with others.... there is a way, and I'll explain that in a bit.

Your second choice is to make a DJ table and upload it to the net. On THIS blog, I'll explain how to create a DJ table, just for yourself. Later on, I'll explain in ANOTHER blog, how to UPLOAD it to the web and thus, be able to share with others.

Please keep in mind that I'm certainly NOT an expert as this. This is NOT my day time job and I've never taken courses on how to work with web pages and such. ALSO, there are a myriad of programs out there... that I DON'T know about, but I'll tell you which ones that I use. *s*

Okay, first create a folder .... either on your desktop or somewhere that you'll know and remember that that's where you've "saved" your DJ pictures and table.

Second, you need a program that can re-size your pictures. I use "LView Pro". I'm sure there are tons of them out there that can do this - you probably already have some kind of photo editing program that does this.

You will need to have TWO copies of your DJ block. One that is thumbnail size and one that is fairly big. Here are the measurements for your TWO DJ blocks:

Pixels - 450 X 450
Inches - 4.69" X 4.69"
cm - 11.91 cm X 11.91 cm

Pixels - 45 X 45
Inches - 0.47" X 0.47"
cm - 1.19 X 1.19

Don't forget to name your pictures, correctly. For example, for the DJ block A-1, I would name both pictures....

The letter "s" tells me that it's the "small" picture.

Now, "save" both pictures in your DJ folder.

Now, go to Sharon Mastbrook's web page. She has valuable information on how to create a DJ web page...

In fact, now that I've re-visited her web page, her explanations seem to be 100% better than mine! LOL

Anyhow, go to her web page FIRST, before you listen to my jibber-jabbering and you should be okay to create yourself, a DJ table!

Good luck!

P.S. Since her explanations are COMPLETE, in my opinion, I won't be creating another blog on how to make your DJ table appear, on the internet. *s*

Here's the link to my TWO DJ web pages:
Operation Jane
Jane Has Friends

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Elly D said...

Your jibbering sounds just fine to me Rosa :) I got one on my pc but don't know how to get it so I can share the pictures on the web. Now I know I have to make two sizes :)) and what size they need to be. Looking forward to your next tutorial >VBG<
Thank you, Elly