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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Christmas Siggies - J to W

Hi there!

Here's the 2nd batch of Christmas Siggies!

Jacquie Campbell - What a cute tree!

Jan Eby - I LOVED the simple reindeer (hand-drawn, I assume) and the matching fabric!

Janet Monnett - I LOVED the gingerbread man and the matching fabric!

Janice Erickson - Good threaded ornaments - need I say more?!? *grin*

Janice Fabrizo - More gold threaded fabric!!!

Jean Mello - Such bright, beautiful fabric!

Jo Spindle - Jo.... you have a one-of-a-kind stamp, my friend! Your Santa is ADORABLE!!!

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Josianne Robb - All the way from Scotland!!! Love the green, leafy mistletoe!

Joyce Little - ANOTHER cute little tree!

Judi Kipling - WOW!!! Bling!!! Another of my "favorites"!!!

Judy Gibson - Such work and detail - a GORGEOUS, red cardinal...

Julie Clarke - We have 4 cats here, so a cute kittie in a Christmas stocking, is absolutely what we need here! LOL

Julie Cusack - I thought this one was soooo ingenious! A kangaroo with a Santa Hat! LOL
(note: the fabric is actually a gorgeous, dark burgundy - blame the camera girl!)

Julie Goodson - I think this is the only gingerbread house, in all the blocks! LOVE IT!!!

Karen Bonter - HOW did you EVER make such a gorgeous tree?!??! with the light and the dark greens?!?? I LOVE IT!!!

Karen Bryant - What an adorable Santa, holding a star. Makes you reflect on what Christmas REALLY is... *grin*

Karen Donaldson - Gorgeous, gold leaved mistletoe... hand-sewn, too!!!

Karen Graham - Ooooooh, I never thought to do Christmas lights!!! What a fantastic idea! *grin*

Karen Yelland - LOVE your fabric, Karen! Niiiiice..... *grin*

Kathleen Fields - Once again, lovely fabric - LOVE the birds!!!

Kathryn Bergeron - Gold threaded ornaments... I LOVE gold threaded fabric!!!

Kathy Gross - Bright, beautiful, reds and greens and stars and swirls!!!

Kathy Jones - Nice burgundy fabric, with gold thread... AGAIN!!! *grin*

Kathy Kirby - I just LOVE your "swirly" Christmas tree, with the stars!!!

Kathy MacPherson - What a fantastic idea! Your drawing or stamp matches the fabric! PERFECT!

Kathy Smith - Kathy, your Christmas message is wonderful and so is your fabric! *grin*

Kathy Thomason - Love the drawing or stamp - such soft colors.... *s*

Katie Sherman - The only rocking horse - it's really precious!

Kerry Fondren - Love the gold threaded ornaments and HEY!!! Snowflakes!!!! Baby snowmen pictures!!! LOL

Leona Clissold - MORE gold threaded fabric!!! What can I say? Love your Christmas message, too!

Linda Crews Carter - Amazing how most of the Texans swappers managed to create a GORGEOUS Christmas stamp or hand drawing, incorporating something about Texas in it! I just ADORE IT!!! Such bright, cheerful fabric, too!

Linda Hritz - Christmassy fabric with lovely musical notes! *grin*

Liz Morgan - Liz... now that dog is just plain ADORABLE... even though he's all tangled up in the lights! LOL

LuAnn Krug - LOVE your holiday message, LuAnn!!!

Lynda LaRoche - MORE gold threaded fabric!!! I'm in LOVE with these blocks! LOL

Mai Kristiansen - Your stamp or drawing was so, so gorgeous! You can just "imagine" the joy of Christmas, on the little girl's face! *grin*

Mardelle Pastl - Your Christmas tree was ever so cute!!! I LOVE hand-drawn siggies!!!

Maria Seiler - Maria, your Christmas message "Across the Miles at Christmas" was very touching, for me... *s*

Marianna Bergkamp - LOVE the white teddy bears and snowman! Such gorgeous, BRIGHT, cheerful fabric! Excellent choice, my friend! *grin*

Marilyn Dabbs - Once again, another gorgeous fabric and well done stamp - LOVE IT!!

Marsha Geisinger - I'm sorry, but I've suddenly become partial to snowmen! And this one is just SOOOO cute and hugable! *grin*

Martha Bilinski - What a lovely, soft angel... carrying a lantern... and the stamp color matches the fabric! Another lovely Siggie!!!

Martha Lindberg - I thought this little cowgirl was SOOO adorable! And the "Merry Christmas, Y'all!" was so cute! *grin*

Marti Stricklin - And yet, MORE gold threaded fabric!!!! Love the stamp, too, Marti!!!

Mary Beth Dodd - And once again, I DO love it when the stamp and the fabric match! Great job, Mary!

Meg Brinster - Love the 2 colored siggie!!! This one will fit in PERFECTLY with the others!

Michelle Fullerton - ANOTHER wonderful Christmas message!!! *grin*

Miriam Norindr - A cute little golden star charm, on cute berry fabric... and the fabric has golden stars hidden, here and there!

Molly Nelson - Molly.... such adorable fabric and a cute snowman! Another siggie that's won my heart! *grin*

Nan Bawn - A precious angel, carrying a candle - and lovely burgundy fabric! Thanks Nan! *grin*

Norma Schwieterman - Norma... you really put a lot of work into this Siggie... UN-BA-LEE-VABLE!!! Fantastic!!!

Pam Thomason - Love the gold threaded fabric'd stockings!!!

Pat Harrell - Love your fabric choice and your Christmas message - "Happy Birthday Baby Jesus"! *VBG*

Pat Nickless - This has GOT to be one of my favorite Siggies!!! That snowman looks SOOO happy! In fact, if you don't mind, I'm planning on making a snowman quilt with appliqués, for my cousin and will probably re-produce this one! *grin*

Pat Wheeler - "A Little Christmas Wish" - what a LOVELY message!!!

Patricia Steapp - HOLY MOLEY!! A lot of work went into THIS Siggie - absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

Patti Kilcullen - You went and appliquéd 161 hearts!?!?!? Wow! I'm impressed and the appliqué is down right PERFECT!!! *grin*

Paula Norris - Another perfect Christmas message .... "Christmas Blessings!" Thanks! *s*

Penny Deckard - Penny, that candy cane fabric is soooo cute! Love the ribbon stamp, matching the ribbon around the candy cane!

Phyllis Miller - Now, Phyllis... you MUST know that I love ALL things SHINEY and BRIGHT!!! What a lot of work you put into your siggie!!! Love it!!!

Ranette Tonsfeldt - Another cute drawing or stamp that matches the fabric!!!! LOVE IT!!

Rebecca Hunt - What a cute way to add the year 2008!!! Love your fabric choice, too!

Renée Mirazo - Love the way that you shared your animals with us! Another Siggie with LOTS of work put into it! *s*

Renée Porlier - I'm a sucker for embroidery! Love your cute snowmen fabric, too!

Rhonda Baumgartner - Lovely tree.... "All Spruced Up"... LOL

Rita Castillo Baldwin - Really enjoyed the brief history of the poinsettia(SP?) and the fabric that matched! *grin*

Robin E. Laursen - Noel stamp, with the cute snowmen.... LOVE IT!!!

Rosa Robichaud - That's ME!!! I was SOOOO sick and tired of drawing this lobster, towards the end... But, that's what we have for Christmas Eve.... it's OUR family tradition. *grin*

Ruth Beickert -Your stamp reminds me of my shopping excursions! LOL

Sally Asbacher - Sally, your dove is so symbolic of "peace".... your siggie is beautiful! Tks!

Sandee Moline - Loved your doggie with the big bow around it's neck, Sandee! *grin*

Sandra Bolender - Would you believe that Sandra and I used the same fabric?!? How cool is that, eh? *grin*

Sandy Spence - Sandy ..... I think these are the only penguins in my blocks and I absolutely ADORE THEM!!! Besides, the baby has grey sparkly paint to it! *grin*

Sarah Daneke - Such beautiful, golden poinsettias!!! Lush fabric - GORGEOUS!!!

Seronia Lomax-Harris - What a wonderful idea! Such light colored leaves! Love the fabric, too!

Shannon Martin - Well Shannon... I couldn't help chuckling over your Santa!!! And he's only got ONE curl on his head! LOL

Sharon Sample - Once again, your siggies are MAGNIFICENT!!! Stunning, even! *grin*

Sherrye Livingston - Love your fabric choice, Sherrye!!!! Lovely red flowers with big leaves!!!

Shirley Higgins - WOW!!! Love the bright fabric with the BIG, colorful snowflakes!!!

Shirley Osewalt - tiny, cute ornaments, with gold threads, in the fabric!!!

Steffini Dameron - Steffini - you amaze me! This teddy bear is SOOO ADORABLE!!! Thanks so MUCH for swapping, my friend... *VBG*

Stephanie Gallegos - LOVELY dark, green fabric with lovely gold swirls, in it!!!

Susan Cotter - Susan, I LOVE the bling and your tree and your state, incorporated in all of that! *grin* Nice fabric, too!

Susan Fields - What a neat idea! A Christmas tree with all your info! Love the cherry colored fabric, with the white berries, too!

Susan Mina - Unfortunately, this picture doesn't do justice to the lovely green fabric that Susan selected. And I absolutely ADORED the stamp that she used..... such soft colors. *s*

Susan Moore - I'm constantly amazed at how much you get done and how PERFECT your work, is! *grin* LOVE the embroidery and the fabric, my friend!!!

Susan Sweeten - Lovely leafy fabric with nice red berries, in it! Did I mention that there's gold thread, too?!?? *grin*

Susan Taylor - What a precious tree!! With all that swirling all around it, too! *grin* Love your nice, bright blue fabric with the adorable stockings on it, too!

Suzanne Dumontel - Suzanne... you did a FANTASTIC job with your poinsettia!!! and I loved your fabric choice, too! Sooooo Christmassy, with the red and gold snowflakes in it!

Suzanne Hansen - Santas... Santas.. LOTS of Santas!!! Even a stamped one, too! I adored this Siggie, too!

Tami Hutchinson - Lovely white snowflakes, on a green background! Hey! those are baby snowmen!!! LOL

Terry Monnett - Terry, I just ADORED your snowmen!!! Glad to have them in my quilt! *VBG*

Verity Creekmore - I just LOVE the bling, on your Siggie!!!! *grin*

Wendy Haussauer - Such cute and colorful Christmas kitties!!! Oh, and I see there's dogs, there, too! Just like OUR household! *grin*

Wilma Dunn Simons - Wilma, your fabric reminders of candy ribbon.... and I've ALWAYS loved the name of your town/city!!! *VBG*


Well, that's it, for tonight..... I'll try and post more pictures and names, tomorrow evening. Right now, I'm getting pretty tired. *s*

I can't tell you... each and every one of you... AND the "Swap Mommy" and her assistants... how much I've enjoyed these siggies! *BIG HUGE GRIN*

Thanks, ever so much!!!!!


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martha said...

Hi Rosa! wonderful post. So sweet of you to do this. What alot of work!