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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Gifties - Sharon Sample

Last week, or so, Sharon Sample sent me an email, out of the blue. Said she remembered that I was collecting 30's fabrics and as she was clearing out one of her drawers, did I want some 30's fabrics.

HELLO!!!! Of course I wanted fabric!!! It's almost impossible to find 30's fabrics in our local Canadian stores and "if" you manage to find some, it costs a FORTUNE! *grin*

So, I wrote back to Sharon and gave her my snail mail addy, thinking it would take a month or so, before she kindly sent me her "leftovers". I thought to myself, at the time, that if she sent me 3 or 4 pieces, I would be happy with that.

Sharon sent me 29 FAT QUARTERS and 3 BIG chunks of green fabric!!! I was stunned!!!

Received them on Thursday and was too sick with my sore back and had to pack for my business trip, the next morning - didn't get a chance to really look at her package.

Well, when we got back from the business trip, Saturday, my boss and I - she's a quilter, too - went through the fabric.

WOW!!!! What more can a quilter say? *VBG*

I think there's only 1 yellow fabric, that I already had - but that's good too! It's like money - you can never have too much! LOL

Sharon had also mentioned that she had a bundle of 2-1/2 inch blocks, all cut up. Did I want them? OF COURSE, I did!!! *grin*

Thank you SOOO, SOOO MUCH, Sharon!!! I truly appreciate your "gifty"!!!



spinquilt said...

Lucky you to get all that fabric for your stash. Hope your back is feeling better.

Patchwork Penguin said...

I love 30's fabrics.... probably why I own a 30's list on yahoo LOL. I just got my DJ software and can't decide if I want to use Civil War fabrics or 30's prints.

Good Luck!

Studio Christine said...

oh LUCKY Rosa.....

I have been cutting 30's repros into 2.5" squares for alternate 9 patch blocks!!

....and I have a project in progress that uses LOADS of different prints....