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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2 Evenings of Quilting = 1 Table Topper

Hi There!

I work in an office.

When I get home and
IF I'm lucky,
I get to sit in front of my
sewing machine.

Yesterday, I started pulling out my reds, ironing, cutting -
I was on a mission!

I wanted to re-create a Heart Table Topper,
with one of Bonnie Hunter's patterns.

This evening, at approx. 6 p.m.,
I had all my blocks pieced and
on my design wall!!!

I just need to sew the blocks together.
No biggie.

She had blogged, recently, on how she and other quilters had played with some blocks and came up with THIS gorgeous Heart quiltlette!

The PERFECT little table topper
for our kitchen!

And me that didn't care much for red....


BTW, did you notice my new heading?!??

My friend Marianna told me that she now has 42 tris (including 3 kites) to make, for her Dear Jane quilt. Remember - she's the one that asked that we "nag" her?!?!?

Well, this incredible circular design HAS 42 triangles!!!

Imagine that, eh?

I changed (temporarily) the title of my blog,
as well!

Hope this helps her to make more triangles...

We could almost call this her
"Wall of Shame"?!??

Nope... as Pat commented,
it's her Wall of Encouragement,

Seriously, I know she's been working hard at finishing her triangles....

Care to visit her blog
and encourage her?

Marianna's blog.
(it's bilingual)

Have a great week!



Pat from FL and MI said...

Wall of encouragement - not shame! Love that heart idea too.

Craftluver Marianna said...

Hi Rosa, Where did you find that heart pattern? I love it but can't find it at Bonnie site. Please let me know Hugs, Marianna