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Thursday, February 23, 2012

e-Newsletter - October 2011

Hi There!

My vacation officially started this evening and as is my tradition, I've started my Vacation Journal, once again.

No pictures in my blog, this time.... just info.

I've been sending a e-Newsletter to our quilty friends and recently, I shared my latest e-Newsletter with some close friends. They encouraged me to share these e-Newsletter with others.

Soooo, here's the first one that I sent out, last October.

Hope you enjoy it!



Hi There!

Hope you enjoy our first E-Newsletter!

Interesting Blogs:

Lego Tutorial:

A Ready Threader:

Machine Pieced Binding using fake piping or "flange" slap-dash tutorial:

Interesting Videos:

10 Minute Quilt Blocks:

Tube Quilting:

Jelly Roll Race:


1 comment:

tich said...

I did the tube quilting as a mini wallhanging for before Christmas but never got the binding on. One more UFO - but it did work and looked good.
the links are fantastic - keep it up!