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Monday, February 20, 2012

You Know There's An App For That?

Hi There!

I LOVE blogging and I LOVE to share pictures with you but this was becoming time consuming and pictures were loading up on my camera, waiting to be shared with you and .... well.... it was time consuming.

I had to plug my camera in my computer, open up the folder, select which picture I wanted, re-size it and SAVE it in the appropriate "blog" file.

Then, I had to open up Blogspot, type in my Blog - like I'm doing now - find the picture(s) and upload them.


I noticed that Bonnie Hunter was now doing what she calls her "i-Phone-O-grams". I mentioned this to Gilbert and he nonchalantly replied, "Well, you can do that too."

See, I have an iPhone that's not activated as a cell phone - don't really need a cell phone. I use it as an iTouch AND I can take pictures with this iPhone!!!

Go to your iTunes store and search for "Blogger". Its FREE, by the way. Download Blogger to your iPhone.

Now, the fun begins!

Click on your "Blogger" icon. Select the "pencil" down to the bottom left and take a picture and.. well... I'm positive you can figure it out.

Only problem? I think you can only upload 1 picture at a time.

See? Now you can blog on the go!

Have a great week!



Cyn ;-) said...

I wonder if this would work for an Android phone? Might be fun to explore that. Thanks for the info.

Annemart said...

Never thought of using Blogger that way! Wanted to remove blogger from my Iphone because I thought I never blog on the go. Now you have given me good use for it. Great idea!

Caron Mosey - Michigan Quilts! said...

Oh, how cool!!! Downloading to my iPhone right now!

Pat from Florida said...

Well how cool is that??? I knew I needed a smart phone! BTW, love how your sashing is really making each snowperson pop!

Oh, you have that dreaded 'prove you're not a robot' thing. I took word id off my blog yesterday now that it's so hard to read, but got spam, so it's back up.

I can guess those letters in.............6 tries. Geesh!