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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fours Cats, One Quilt and Some Teddy Bears

Hi There!

As I've mentioned before, we now have 2 cats and a couple strays, that we feed.

Callie and Minou, the 2 calicoes in the bottom of this picture are ours.

The beigeish/whitish cat eating is "Frankie"... or "Frankie Blue Eyes".

He (or she?) looks like a Burmese or Himalayan cat.

And he or she has been spayed or neutered, as per one of our backyard neighbours. She told me that the previous owners just moved and left him/her behind.

How cruel!!!

She told me that the cat in the top right hand corner was the same thing. Cat was spayed or neutered... owners picked up and left without their cat!

*long sigh*

Unfortunately, this one doesn't play nicely with Minou or Callie, but Frankie's truly a wonderful and cuddly cat.

Frankie's been invited in our home, several times, with no problems... other than he/she has to be reminded that cats don't jump up on our kitchen table or kitchen counters. But, in all honesty, he or she is getting MUCH better at minding their P's and Q's...


Soooo, Friday after work, I decided to give them a rare treat.

A can of "wet" food, mixed in with their "dry" food.

I'm always astonished at how there is a hierarchy or pecking order, with these cats!

The white and gray one is patiently sitting back and with his/her turn, at the dish.

Thursday, Gilbert finished quilting my Baby Lasagna Quilt and Friday evening, I finished the binding on this quilt.

This one is for sale - $75.00.

Please contact me if you'd like to purchase it.

It measures 35" X 43"

And here's a picture of the back...

And a close up of the quilting.

Pattern is called "Teddy Bears".

Saturday morning, since Gilbert is doing a suspended ceiling in our bedroom, I decided to hang my Teddy Bear collection, on our clothes line.

After that, we headed out to one of our local quilt shows and errands.

Will post pictures of the quilt show this evening.

Hope you all have a Super Sunday!



Faithful Quilter:Elaine's Journey said...

Oh No!

There's a monkey playing with your teddy bears..look out for intruders!




Cyn ;-) said...

That'sa lotsa bears!