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Saturday, September 10, 2011

More on the T-Shirt Quilt...

Hi There!

My oldest son, Adam, called me on his cell phone this afternoon, all excited! He had found an old sewing machine and had talked the guy down to $15.00 - does he take after me or what?!?!?

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Well, with Adam dropping off the machine and us rushing out the door for our business meeting... I really didn't get a chance to look at her, very much.

Gilbert said she locks up in her case, for portability, and after fiddling around with it, for a few minutes, he managed to "lock" it up. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of her BEFORE she got locked up solid and hopefully I will be able to look at her closer, tomorrow.

But OH MY GOSH, is she EVER heavy!!!

And her foot pedal is missing and she's lost a bit of gold and gleam, over the years.


As for the T-Shirt Quilt.... I know it seems as if I'm not movin' ahead on this one, but I AM!!! Trust me.... I AM!

See bottom right hand corner block?

It's an appliqué that I made, from an icon on the internet.

I drew it by hand....
all by me-self, even!


Well, that's about it, for today.

One last day of vacation and GOD KNOWS when I will get some more time off....

Hope you're all having a SUPER SATURDAY!!!


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Michele said...

I am soooo excited Rosa! it looks great so far!