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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bertha's Room Got Another Face Lift!

Hi There!

Gilbert decided that our cutting board needed a face lift.

He removed our old Necchi sewing machine and added some wooden legs.

He says you can now put a total of 10 plastic totes filled with my fabric stash, underneath it now. NOTE: He will be painting the wooden legs white, to match the rest of the room.

He's almost finished painting those 3 quilt blocks, underneath his home made ironing board.

A close up of the blocks.

And yet another close up.

He informed me that they weren't completely finished. He still has some black lines to add and then a coat of varnish, to protect the paint.

I'm not sure if I posted pictures of our new "door". He picked it up at a 2nd place, called "Restore".... profits go to Habitat for Humanity.

And, this door only cost $2.50 !

Mind you, Gilbert did a few touch ups and painted it white.... and he had to buy the "hardware" - you know... the pins and sliding thingies at the top and bottom of the door, for $25.00 (approx.)

Not bad, eh?

Today, we also removed a few quilts in the Longarm Room and replaced them with other ones.

To the left, is last year's Halloween panel.

To the right, is the lastest baby quilt that I finished.

And here's a picture of my Christmas Leftover Lasagna Quilt.

Oh... I managed to finish a pillow case dress, last this afternoon.

It's got horseys all over it.

Still on vacation and still maintaining my "Vacation Journal".

Have a great weekend!



rooee said...

wish my John was more of a Gilbert! he has made me a huge cutting table though so I shouldn't complain. Love love love the quilt blocks on the ironing table!

Susan said...

Oh it is lovely..... Such a delightful place to create......

Barb said...

Looks great...I love that window table.

Riel Nason said...

I like those painted blocks -- such a nice touch!