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Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Little Molehill of "Things".

Hi There!

Well, I've only got a few hours left till I'm officially finished my Vacation.

I had a TON of things planned during my 2 weeks off and only did a little molehill of "things"....

But the little "things" that got done - I sure had fun doing them, though!

Take for example, today.

I had planned to finish this quilt top.

I had to do 3 loads of laundry, first.

Then, Gilbert tells me that our iron stopped heating.

He took it apart, to announce that the thermal fuse was burnt.

Off to Zellers to pick up another iron!

Well, we HAD to get groceries and since we were already out, why not pick them up, as well.

Soooooo, I only started working on the T-Shirt Quilt around 3 p.m....

Managed to sew 3 rows together!

Hope you manage to get a molehill of "things" done, this week!




Cyn ;-) said...

the t-shirt quilt is coming along. Looking good.

Shelly said...

I go through irons like crazy. Seems I'm always having to go buy a new one!