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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Love Comes in Many Different Shapes...

Hi There!

You're probably wondering what I've been up to and why I've been so quiet.

Well, as my Blog title reads, I'm here to prove to you that love surely DOES come in many different shapes!

Last month, I was lucky enough to be able to order an HP TouchPad for $149 dollars. HP is getting rid of these tablets and instead of $599, they were on sale for peanuts!

Last week, I received my Touch!

That same evening, I HAD to run out and accessorize my new Touch!

I picked up what the friendly young geek tech at Staples called a "Fleatherette" case.

It protects my Touch...

But you can open it up, like a book and, stand it up on a table, as well.

And, it's got these neat squarish and soft bubbles....

You can rest the edge of the Touch amongst the bubbles and play with your Touch that way, as well!

Yes, it resembles the iPad, but was much, MUCH cheaper!!!

OH!!! And I've signed up with Kindle and have read TWO books, so far!

Can't remember the last time that I went to bed and read!

Have I been sewing much? Well, certainly not as much as pre-HP TouchPad, but I've been relaxing and enjoying myself. How's that for an answer?!??


And then, since I may take my Touch with me, I needed this cool little black bag with LOADS of pockets and a shoulder strap... for only 14 bucks!!!

I know it's silly but gosh DARN I feel so important with these nifty accessories!!!

Besides, the friendly young geek at Staples TOLD me it was a great buy!


As for my 2nd "love", my friend Barb Honey brought in her quilt for Gilbert and Bertha to work their magic.

OH MY GOD, but it's gorgeous!!!!

She gave me permission to blog about it, even!

When I asked her if she designed this quilt.... she simply replied with a "ROFL"...

Here's what she wrote:

"This was a homework assignment from the second year of the scrappy club I joined in Kelowna, B.C. We were given a type of Log Cabin setting and told to make a quilt. Mine was the courthouse steps setting. I just kept adding blocks as I went - no plan! The checkerboard border is from one of Bonnie Hunter's quilt in her book."

As spectacular as it looks on my blog, it looks a 100 times better in person!

I LOVE scrappy quilts!!!!

Hope you all have a Wonderful Wednesday!!!


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LiteMotif said...

Lucky you on the touch! Have fun with it! I love the scrappy quilt. I aspire to sew a little today:)