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Friday, June 15, 2012

Hi There!

Gorgeous sunny morning 
and I'm O-F-F till Tuesday Morning!!!

Got 2 bindings, 1 label and 1 sleeve to make, today!

One of these 2 quilts will be going in our local quilt show, this fall.

Then, I have a flimsy that needs to be pulled out and re-examined.  I need to remove some paper - a small section of it was paper-pieced.

I might need to add an extra border... and maybe not.  Either way, I'm hoping to put that one in our local quilt show, as well.

Gilbert is supposed to paint the trimmings on our Baby Barn, this morning, and who knows, eh?  I might change my mind and sit outside, while he's working.  We shall see.

Tomorrow morning- Saturday, I'm picking up 3 (cooked) lobsters and heading into the country.  I plan on spending a good part of the day with my parents. 

Sunday is Father's Day and I plan on going to our fairly big (and new) Farmer's Market, uptown.  That should be fun!

And Monday, I hope to spend time in my Sewing Studio.

How's THAT for a perfect extra-long weekend, eh?!??

Hope you get the chance to enjoy yourselves, this weekend!

Have a Wonderful Weekend!!!


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