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Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Creative Juice Moment...

Hi There!

Gilbert and I went to "Home Depot", Friday evening and we picked up 2 gallons of CIL "Antique Bisque" (read: ivory color) and 1 pint of CIL "Afternoon Tea" (read: light, milk chocolat color), for our Baby Barn.

While the nice young man mixed our paints, I started flipping through a few of their home decorating magazines.

LOOK at what I saw!!!

Wouldn't this make the COOLEST table runner?!?!?  

Appliqué the numbers, mark the (measurement) lines with pencil and play with black thread, in your sewing machine, to make bigger, fatter lines. Fill it in!

 Or, make a much smaller one, to hang over your sewing chair?

Anyhow, thought I'd share this pic with you and hopefully, get your creative juices flowing...

Have a Wonderful Week!

It's Monday -
I'm off to work, once again, in the morning.


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Cyn ;-) said...

Super duper idea. Thanks for sharing it, Rosa. I'll be watching you blog to see how you make yours. *g*